Capital Flows Remain Strong with Abundance of Capital Available for Investment

  • The supply of commercial mortgage-backed securities continues to rise raising 2013 forecasts to as much as $70 billion.  Attractive rates at 4.0±%.  30-year amortization, 1.2 debt coverage ratio, Non-recourse.
  • Multifamily new construction-permanent program are available.  Loan amount based on lesser of 80% of cost or 65% loan to value.
  • Competitive sources for acquisition or refinancing multifamily properties.  Life Companies, FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac. Attractive interest rates under 3.9%, Long term amortization.
  • Over 25+ life companies providing attractive debt for office, retail, multifamily, single tenant, hotel, and warehousing. 65-75% loan to value, 1.25 debt coverage ratio, rates typically from 4.0 – 4.5%.
  • Bridge and Mezzanine financing.

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