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In developing a comprehensive understanding of any loan opportunity, it has become increasingly important to fully understand all facets of an existing, or potential asset, including the pertinent legal, physical, and economic characteristics. Equity Alliance LLC can provide a Due Diligence Report that is specifically tailored to the lender’s needs, and includes a complete investigation of an asset and an understanding of its current position in the marketplace.

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loans portfolio analysis and sales

Many institutions today often resort to the sale of a pool of loans  as a means of resolving issues surrounding a single or group(s) of troubled loans.  Equity Alliance LLC has created a sophisticated financial model that compares resolution methods, and the costs associated with each method, to compute the anticipated proceeds that might be realized.  Utilization of this model will prove effective in evaluating loan loss reserves, potential settlements, and the benefits/consequences of a sale.

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valuation analysis

Understanding value can best be compared to picking up mercury – it constantly is being reshaped by changes in market conditions.  As an alternative to a formal appraisal, Equity Alliance LLC can provide an understanding of an asset’s market value based on a snapshot of today’s conditions.  Proper financial planning requires today’s investor to be positioned to take full advantage of every opportunity for the sale, refinance, or purchase of a real property asset.  A periodic investigation of an asset’s indicated market value, whether for assets owned or contemplated, is an...

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