We have “LIFE”

1 December 2014
Life Companies offer a competitive alternative to your typical financing sources.
  • Rate Lock at application and NOT at the loan closing
  • Hedge interest rate risk by locking today’s rate for a loan closing up to 12 months in the future.
  • Avoid prepayment penalties for loans maturing in 2015 with a forward rate lock .
  • Competitive interest rates fixed for 10, 15, and 20 years.

 *actual rates may vary as the 10-year treasury bond has recently dropped

  Please call to obtain a current quote
We have access to 35+ Life Company lenders, local and regional Banks, FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as the CMBS markets. We have the source to meet your needs, large or small, and regardless of your time constraints. If you’re interested in scheduling a call to discuss program offerings, please feel free to contact us. Want to learn more about Equity Alliance, please visit us on the Web at

Capital Flows Remain Strong with Abundance of Capital Available for Investment

16 May 2013
  • The supply of commercial mortgage-backed securities continues to rise raising 2013 forecasts to as much as $70 billion.  Attractive rates at 4.0±%.  30-year amortization, 1.2 debt coverage ratio, Non-recourse.
  • Multifamily new construction-permanent program are available.  Loan amount based on lesser of 80% of cost or 65% loan to value.
  • Competitive sources for acquisition or refinancing multifamily properties.  Life Companies, FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac. Attractive interest rates under 3.9%, Long term amortization.
  • Over 25+ life companies providing attractive debt for office, retail, multifamily, single tenant, hotel, and warehousing. 65-75% loan to value, 1.25 debt coverage ratio, rates typically from 4.0 – 4.5%.
  • Bridge and Mezzanine financing.

If you’re interested in scheduling a call to discuss program offerings or specific needs, please feel free to contact us.

Interest Rates Continue at Historic Lows

17 April 2013

Credit Tenant Lease Financing

Below are general rate ranges for various credits and amortization terms.

4-17-2013 12-36-29 PM

Multifamily Financing

  • New construction-permanent program – loan amount based on lesser of 80% of cost or 65% loan to value
  • Rates may be below 4.0%. Various programs to fit your borrowing needs: Life Companies, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA.

If you’re interested in scheduling a call to discuss program offerings or specific needs, please feel free to contact us.

New Loan Program

25 March 2013

Tenant Lease Construction to Permanent Loan Program Now Available

One of our life lenders has designed a unique program to finance construction on loans approved by them for permanent financing.

  • Permanent rates are locked at application; forward funding is available for six (6) months at the rate locked at application and up to twelve (12) months for an increase in rate of one sixteenth percent (.0625%) for each additional 30 days after six months to the maximum of twelve (12) months. Permanent rates are fixed for a minimum of 10 years. Self-amortizing loans are available for a long term leased properties.
  • The construction rate is based upon a spread of 275-300 bps over Libor.
  • The construction loan fee is based on 1% loan fee for loans of $1,500,000 or less. Loans above that would be ½% to ¾% depending on the size and complexity of the loan tempered with the possibility of repeat business.
  • Cost Ratio: Typically a maximum of 85% of cost; however exceptions may be made if the life company’s permanent loan is made on a higher cost basis. Current land value will count as a component, even if the borrower’s basis in the land is lower, assuming they have owned it for several years. The construction loan amount will be equal to but not greater than permanent loan amount.
  • The maximum loan for a credit tenant leased property is $10 million. There is a $7 million cap on owner occupied properties.

If you’re interested in scheduling a call to discuss any of our loan program offerings or more specifically; any of your deals, please feel free to contact us.

March Financing Update

5 March 2013

A NO Hassle Approach to Commercial Financing – We have “Life”

Life Companies provide a user friendly easy alternative to the conduit/bank market.

  • The interest rate is determined at the loan application and not the loan closing. There are no surprises. What you see is what you get.
  • Rates can be fixed for a minimum of 10 years or in certain cases, attractive 15 and 20 year fixed rates are also available. Self-amortizing loans are offered for long term leased properties or for multifamily projects.
    Rates remain at historic lows ranging between the mid 3’s to mid 4% range (the final rate depends on the asset class, location, and degree of leverage.)
  • Lender fees are set as a fixed amount and not a variable based on the size of the loan. Third party reports and lender legal expenses can be identified and set at application.
  • Extended amortization and interest only potential for low leverage transactions.
  • Limited forward rate lock available for credit tenant lease transactions.

Our lenders have an increased allocation of capital to invest for 2013 and are looking to start the year off strong. If you’re interested in scheduling a call to discuss program offerings or deals, please feel free to contact us.